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Adobe Lightroom – The main features

Lightroom (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom) is primarily a software for editing and managing digital images. The program is available for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows systems. It specializes in the processing of raw data generated by digital cameras.

Of course, there are numerous programs out there that enable image editing. Some are free of charge and many a waste of time, but let’s focus on Adobe Lightroom.

With its various modules and the broad range of processing options Lightroom is especially recommended for professional photographers and ambitious amateurs.

It’s a program that is in spite of its complexity, easy to accomplish. The functions are largely intuitive and easy to understand. The software¬†allows even beginners to edit their images effectively.




The latest version Adobe Lightroom CC offers far more features apart from the actual image editing process, especially if you want to arrange and categorize large amounts of photos. The latest update includes the following new features: HDR Merge, Facial recognition, Photomerge technology and faster performance.

Particular mention should be made here of the extremely fast import of huge amounts of data. If you’d like to generate an overview of your last photo session, you can display the files in a minimum size preview. In the library module you can rate selected images, for example by awarding stars or colors. Furthermore, you can sort by date to name just two of the many possibilities.



Image edited with Lightroom CC and our free Adobe Lightroom Preset “Cinnamon Girl“.


Compared to Photoshop in which you usually edit one image after another, you can easily process large amounts in Lightroom simultaneously. In addition you can check your editing results with a quick before-after comparison. The information palette within the Develop module helps you to detect and correct errors during processing.

A further advantage is the “non-destructive” workflow. If you edit a photo with our Free Presets, the original file is always preserved in its original state and remains unchanged.

About Lightroom
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